Vintage Themed Sari & Hijab + What is Vintage

I had this question posed by a reader 

My brother’s wedding is coming up we are going for a vintage themed sari – looking for any ideas or designs we can use, with a head scarf too.

So before we get on to the inspiration, I wanted to address just quickly, what is vintage?

Well it’s usually applied to items like clothing that are anything from about 100 to 20 years old, depending on the source. 

You will have noticed that the tag vintages seems to everywhere, slapped on anything involving floral, in fact you can pick “vintage” clothing even in Primark! But it’s not really vintage is it? Confused?

Lets break it down a little – I love this quote, taken from this post on east side bride.

If you score a beautiful wedding dress from the 1930’s on Etsy, it’s a vintage dress. Awesome. If you use mason jars for your centerpieces, it’s not vintage, it’s Martha Stewart. – Noa Azoulay-Sclater of Feather Love

Do read the rest of the article if like a wee rant, plus the whole what is vintage what isn’t really is a whole other blog post in itself. But in essence if what you really/actually want is some vintage clothing then try raiding your mother or better yet grandmother’s wardrobe! 

Now even though the “vintage trend or theme”is massive right now,  i still had some difficultly in finding images that would really depict the vintage themed sari look.. lets keep in mind that Asian or Indian vintage is different to what you will be finding in the mainstream.

So i have gone with what  i think this reader might have wanted, which would be a girly, delicate, & very romantic look, using nude/light or pastel colours, or maybe floral prints, with longer sleeves. Then in order to really nail the look use your hair or accessories. {in this case the hijab} & makeup to really make the vintage part. 

For hair i personally love the pin curl, which is the basis for many vintage hairstyles, like marcel/finger waves, other options would be victory rolls, or even pompadours. its just depends on which era you pick as your inspiration


an unreal bridal session – the sari used belongs to the photographers grandmother, now that’s vintage!

Again its difficult to have a “vintage hijab”  so to carry on the theme use lace, ruffles, pearls and flowers or how about a brooch, maybe look for a vintage one try sites like etsy.

hijab styled by hijab stylist uzma chaudhri {more from her real soon}

misty pink brooch via

If you haven’t been on Dian Pelangi blog yet, seriously get over there, you will be inspired  – see the rest of her shoot here & formal wear here

Finally pay extra attention to your makeup channel old Hollywood or Bollywood if you prefer, with bold lips and defined eyes – and if you haven’t yet tried them how about some red lips which are often seen at the core of most vintage inspired looks.

I would love to hear what you think of this look, and whats your thoughts would be for vintage inspired sari? what makes the look?



rabbia oxox!

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  1. Ayesha Yousafi says...

    I think the most vintage for me was the very first sari, and the pearl one sonum Kapoor wore. It is tricky to get vintage sari style, but you did a good job! Love the first two hijab styles also

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