Saadiya Rahman Makeup Masterclass // Manchester

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a very special makeup master class which took place at prestigious Selfridges, Trafford Centre in Manchester. The store stocks every lusted after makeup brand there is like Charlotte Tilbury and Tom Ford.

The makeup artist in question doesn’t really need much of an introduction she’s one of the industry’s finest artists with thousands of avid followers on Snapchat and Instagram.

Saadiya Rahman is every brides dream makeup artist. You just have to have a quick look at her brides to know why she is in such demand.

The event saw Saadiya Rahman team up with Selfridges for an afternoon of exclusive beauty.

Being at Selfridges also meant that there was access to all the top beauty brands, including Chanel and NYX. This was something Saadiya had said was really important to her, that she was able to use all of her favourite products and not just have to one brand.

As a wedding blogger i’ve been following Saadiya’s work for some time now and i’m a big fan of her style. We met briefly before the class started; she was really excited about her first class and so lovely.  Of course i’m writing this after the class and there is no way you would think it was her first. She came across so open and confident.

The afternoon started off with the VIP invite only guests being treated to drinks and yummy cupcakes by Delight Bakery Bradford which looked too good to eat.

Model for the day was the stunning Shelby Billingham, who can be regularly found in all the top asian bridal magazines. As she took a seat, Saadiya, arrived looking glamorous and classy to a warm welcome.

After introductions, she told everyone about the beautiful flawless looks she would be demonstrating. A day time look to begin with, consisting of a soft daily base routine which she would then make into a night-time glam look full of lots of glitter and glamour and lashes.

The beauty team at Selfridges where also on hand to help with any questions. Any products applied were also given to the guest to test. There was even a chance to swatch some yet to be launched products.

I loved that Saadiya was so knowledgeable about all the product and you could tell she was using the ones that she really loved. She urged everyone to take notes and ask questions. She also mentioned that samples would be in the goodies bags as well. This is what I thought really made the class special there wasn’t anything she didn’t want to share. She was very open about all her must have products she uses in her kit and herself.

The afternoon went so quickly and the result was makeup that was flawless and natural and something that you would want to create at home. Both the day and evening looked and were so easy to do. It really was a case of having the right products and tools and knowing how to apply them which is exactly what Saadiya showed everyone, she also went into great detail. Adding lots of tips and tricks along the way, all whilst applying the makeup.

After the class, everyone mingled and Saadiya sat down for a good old chat, as she was so down to earth it was more like friends just sitting chatting about makeup and sharing advice.

I also caught up with some of the ladies who had come from all over the north-west. Everyone gushed about how happy they were to be at the event and said it had far exceeded their expectations. It was also clear that it didn’t matter what your makeup knowledge was, this class was for everyone.

For anyone who hadn’t got a ticket for the class, there was also a meet and greet in which fans could come meet Saadiya.  After the class the Selfridges team whisked the guests away to the makeup counters for a much needed shop, which after everything we had all learnt that afternoon it was the the perfect ending.

I had an amazing time at the event and would highly recommend it for getting up close to the artist and the products but even more so the knowledge and technique that you learn now that’s priceless information.

I caught some of the action on the day below and keep a look out for more info on future classes and keep up to date with Saadiya here

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IMG_3499 IMG_3501 IMG_4457



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