Makeup Mondays – Taking Care & Cleaning Your Brushes

Now that we all know the key to applying long lasting and professional looking makeup is to use brushes and not your fingers. Fingers were ok when we were 14; in fact they were great as we applied our foundation, eyeshadow and lip balm in the girl’s toilets at school.

Now that we are older and wiser, we must also keep our brushes in good condition. Maintenance is very important as they will give our brushes a longer fuller life and good clean brushes will reflect in the overall application.

There are plenty of brush cleaners in the market, and don’t get me wrong, they do an excellent job in cleaning and removing bits of foundation eyeliner etc. however for the penny wise bride (we are in a recession after all) I have found a perfect alternative already in most of our bathrooms.

Hand wash. (I recommend radox nourish, smells lovely)It’s strong enough to clean dirt away completely, and it’s gentle enough not to damage the bristles. We do use it on our hands daily after all.

Ensure you wear gloves as you will be using hot water. The length of time taken to clean your brushes will depend on how long it has been since the last clean.

Fluffy Brushes
These are your soft brushes that flatten out when you press them on the palm of your hand.

To clean these, squeeze a little hand wash into an empty plugged sink, and then add hot water. Dip your fluffy brush in and swirl. This will turn the water whichever colour was on your brush.

Repeat as many times as required till water remains clear.

Squeeze the brush gently and leave to air dry.

Hard Brushes
These are the brushes which will bend when you press them on the palm of your hand.

To clean these, add some hot water to a plugged sink, apply hand wash directly on to the brush, then dip the brush into the water and swirl. Again the water will change colour. You will need to squeeze the brush gently as hard brushes trap makeup and are harder to clean.

Repeat till water remains clear.

Squeeze the brush gently and leave to air dry.

Eyeliner Brushes
These are your brushes used for eyeliner and are the toughest ones to clean as the eyeliner will most likely have dried up onto the brush.

To clean you will need to squeeze some hand wash directly onto the brush and put the brush directly under hot running water and rub gently.

The bristles on eyeliner brushes tend to clump together so the brush will be clean once the bristles have separated and you can see the original colour of the brush.

Squeeze brush gently and leave to air dry.

· Put your brushes in the washing machine or dishwasher.

· Use bleach or acetone to try and rid them of colour.

· Use a tumble dryer or hair dryer to dry them.

Ridiculous as the above seem, if you are even tempted, don’t, they will damage the brushes beyond repair and leave them unusable.

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