Real Weddings By AIYA Media + Meet the Photographer

This post has been a while coming and it’s all about one of my lovely sponsors AIYA media, it’s always good to really get to know your suppliers, that you will be booking for your wedding, after all you’re going to be working pretty closely together.

Well let’s meet Izzy who is behind all this fabulaous work, plus the really popular weddings of Afeefa & Yassin which I featured earlier this year, you can see it here & here. Today he’s going to tell us a little about him and his business

What three words would you say best describe AIYA Media

·         Creative

·         Emotion

·         Contemporary

Why wedding Photography?

Since I graduated I knew I could offer and go the extra mile with weddings. I see things other photographers don’t see or capture. Most concentrate on the bride & groom. I focus not only on the couple but like to capture also what the bride and groom might have missed on their wedding day – the excitement, joy, laughter, fun, nerves and tears. You will never find all these emotions all on one day.  I love capturing this special day.

What do you love about weddings?

Each wedding is different to another. All the emotions that go into a wedding, all the different lights, moods and surroundings – I love to capture this and show it in a way that the bride and groom will be amazed.

I feel real job satisfaction when a couple views the photos in our studio after they return from honeymoon and have a huge smile of their faces.   Most of the couples relive their wedding day in our studio with our photography.

Some smile, some laugh and some even cry with the emotions that they see, especially towards the end.  I have to leave a box of tissues on the side.

Why are having professional wedding photos important?

You get married once and it is the biggest day of your life. These photos will be shown to your grandparents, parents and one day your own children. Hire a photographer that not only captures the day but tells a story with the photos.

What do you think makes you stand out from other wedding photographers?

On our website we like to show wedding stories rather than a portfolio with mixed photos from the best weddings. We believe every wedding is our best wedding. We showcase a story from an actual wedding. We also encourage our potential couples to view an online wedding gallery from start to finish so that they know exactly what they are getting. We capture the day as it is supposed to happen. Never interrupt or stop any part of the day. The natural photos always tell the best story to a photo.

Our pre wedding shoot prices are reduced when a couple book with us, as we get to know our couples personally and we can tell the best story possible.

As a photographer you only get one chance, one moment – then it’s gone, no second takes.

What exciting projects are you working on over the next few months?

We started in 2007 and only offered photography; however, we believe we are now ready to offer the cinematography experience to our clients.

Clients, both past and present, always ask why we don’t offer video within our services. However, we searched for two years to find the right team to offer this under the AIYA umbrella. Watch this space.

Below is a selection of some weddings that Izzy has shot over the past year.

Prices start from £2500 and you can get in touch with Izzy in a number of ways below


Phone: +44 (0) 1322 475905

Mobile +44 (0) 7751 694289





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