Bridal Inspiration ~ White

This bridal shoot sees model Ayyan transformed into the perfect bride, by Natasha. It has quite the glam shabby chic vibe going on, personally i see it more as a reception look, but there is no reason why you couldn’t rock white on any of the days!

The set design, art direction , styling, makeup and hair was all done by the team at Natasha’s Salon who are based in Karachi, Pakistan!



Makeup: Natasha

Hair: Hina

Styling: Natasha and Sabrina

Photography: Nadir Firoz Khan

Model: Ayyan

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  1. Ruby says...

    This is from Pakistan? How fabulous!!

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  2. Nasara says...

    Glad you got your blogging mojo back!

    And pic 3, I think I just found my eid makeup look 🙂

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