GIVEAWAY – WIN £50 worth of Gorgeous Jewellery From Bees

For so many of us gorgeous costume jewellery is the way forward when it comes to finishing off an outfit! This giveaway is particularly very exciting because lets face it, who doesn’t love jewellery??

As one of the largest stockists of bangles and Asian jewellery in Europe. Bees is your place to find exactly what you want for your event.

Based out of Green Street in East London BEES is a family business, they have been creating stunning fashion jewellery since 1994, and their  seasonal collections are always eagerly anticipated!

Visiting their large showroom is an essential experience for jewellery lovers, collectors, and brides.

 Every season sees a new collection release, currently the Mughal Princess and Moonlit Dancer Collections are popular. 

Below – some of the items you will find instore & on bees online

above – Manbhawati from the Mughal Princess Collection. With outfit by Khubsoorat Collection

Being styled head-to-toe by the expert Colour Coordinators. You can walk in with your complete bridal garments or dress for a night out and based on the occasion and colours of the outfit, the Colour Coordinators will create a look for the customer that’s styled correctly, has the perfect colour shades (be it in their bangle stacks, necklace or pair of earrings and other accessories). Which makes for a stress free shopping experiance.

below – The friendly Colour Co-ordinators, are on hand to recommend colours to match any outfit.  

Now on to the giveaway Bees are generously giving one very lucky reader not only a £50 voucher to spend on their expertly co-ordinated jewellery but also a luxury jewellery box worth £70. 

Get Started: {please follow carefully for a valid entry}

  • First Become a fan of Bees Facebook page to enter.
  • Now leave a comment on THIS post below answering this question: 

{think dream clothes, hair, makeup, jewellery, colour schemes, venue, favours, cake etc – We will be looking for the most inspirational and creative comments} and don’t worry if your already married, just use your imagination.



Additional Details 

  • This Giveaway is only to open to UK mainland only
  • Please use a valid email address when leaving a comment!
  • One winner will be selected by Bees Managment
  • The winner will be announced and notified by email on Wednesday 1st of August 2012
  • Once winner has been notified, they have 48 hours to respond to claim the Giveaway. Or, a new winner will be selected.

Note: Entry period ends Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 10pm BST


Good Luck!! xx

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  1. Isheeta says...

    I LOVE the idea of a royal wedding, with details from the mughal era. That’s why I love Bees – they have great pieces that would fit in perfectly with this theme.

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    • Samera says...

      Jodhaa Akbar style clothes and jewellery. Big enough to make a statement with ethnic and tribal hints to create elegance!! Staging and decor would be morrocon in style with drapes and full of rich deep colours. Favours would be small trinket boxes filled with a piece of luxury Belgian chocolate. Centrepieces a large mosaic covered fishbowl with a tea light inside with rich colours like maroon chocolate and mocha for chairs and table runners. Hair would be slicked back and knotted design around a bun which crystals around it so dupatta can sit back to reveal a beaded jhoomar! Make up would be heavy around the eyes dark and in your face and the rest if the face simple. lehenga would be cream with gold embroidery and beadwork. Cake would be 3 tier square pin tuck cushion style presented with a pink Lilly in each corner. A girl can dream!

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  2. Divya says...

    I like simple yet elegant designs. Bees attention to detail and fabulous colour combination is attractive.

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  3. Nadine Wiltshire says...

    I will experience my ‘dream wedding style’ later this year…….. It will contain a traditional Indian wedding ceremony in Jalandhar, Followed by reception of lots of dancing, where family and friends can experience thier first Indian wedding : ) Then two weeks later back in Wales for my English wedding which is themed both English and Indian! The Wales wedding my guests will experience the dhol, banghra dancers and much much more! This is my ‘dream wedding’

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  4. Zara says...

    On my mehndi I would love to have fish bows as centre pieces with nemo fishes so it compliments the yellow mehndi theme.
    To hold and release doves on the weddign day.
    Party like theres no tomorrow andddddddddddddd more importantly have the greatest pre-nuptial agreement in the world – It’s called love.

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  5. Rumana says...

    For my mehndi i would go for a middle east theme outdoors, with multicoloured cushions and rugs decorating the floors, there would be a section for shisha, section for mehndi and buffet filled with the most amazing food. My dream wedding would be a mix of English and Indian culture mixed together, I would wear a bridal gown but designed specifically by me with traditional Indian embroidery at the top and bottom, my jewrelly would be gorgeous bangles and necklace set that sparkled with every step. The reception would be held in a prestigious manor/hotel with the hall decorated with round tables and white lanterns dangling from the ceiling, served by waiters and entertainment at the ready. At the end of the day me and my husband will leave in our own each sport cars, why should all the boys have the fun? 😉

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  6. Rosie says...

    To experience an amazing wedding, one must have the confidence in themself, how its planned and what they wear. To look good, feel good and enjoy the best day of your life is by far the best gift a woman can have…and yes of course have her loved ones around her…traditional weddings are by far the best as you celebrate your culture, customs and norms, and what makes you who your are…My dream wedding style would consists of a manish malhotra custom desgined wedding lengha, as these uniqiue styles should be made just for you, some lovely loubitani sandals or ven peep toes, a big bun to compliment my tikka and jhumar.. i would love the venue to be in an off site private area with a tent, where i could make my entrance in a helicopter…hmmm and a 3 tier cake with white icing and red ribbons…this is my dream wedding, traditional yet elegant and customised to make every woman feel special!!

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  7. Sandy says...

    My dream wedding would be a mixture of Vintage and Regal!! I absolutely love Jodah Akbar and their style yet mixed with a very old English these. I would also have a very strong presents of an old traditional punjabi wedding, such as the jago, the anand karj and the finish loads of bhangra dancing with my nearest and dearest including the love of my life which is happening in 4 weeks time!! eeeeeekkkkk

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  8. Zee says...

    The perfect wedding style has an essence of ‘royalness’ embedded within the theme. The vibrant colours, and elegant designs make the day far more exciting and an atmosphere reflecting the moghul era, tops it.

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  9. miniroll says...

    wedding – grecian – lots of flowers everywhere, simple white setting, long flowing white dressing, grecian style flower headband and loose wavy/curely hair, shaped hedges, greenery and flowers everywhere. Grooms entrance full on indian, with bright colours, traditional indian outfits, dhol players, elephantentrance if possible, haldi and colours flying everywhere, loud bhangra music total contrast to the blissfull, calming grecian atmosphere before the grooms arrival.

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  10. Mkm says...

    My dream wedding style will be glamorous, unique yet traditional with standout colours to reflect the current season, I’m thinking pink and red hues. My dream wedding would ultimately honour tradition.

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  11. Nahida says...

    Well, im not sure how i would start off my wedding, maybe with daffs (drums), but i definitely know how i want to end it!
    If you have ever watched Tangle, the disney film, you will see there is lanterns right at the end of the film, now thats how i want my wedding day to be. With me and my husband lifting the first lantern and everyone lifting theres after.. 😀

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  12. Feeha says...

    Firslty I have to add that I am such a huge fan of Bees jewellry. Me & My freind Chelsea adore the way Bees presents their jewelly & how they merchandise the necklaces! Amazing!
    I think its safe to say its most girls dream to get married.
    We use each wedding & moments as a photograpic memory in which we hope to incoperate in our wedding! I think ultimately I want to keep it tradtional in a sense with the theme but with a unique twist.
    I want my flower bouquet to not only be made of flowers…but also with broaches of things that explains me & my personality. For example:
    Purple flowers my fave colour with my country flag, with my favourite designers, also fave jewellry etc! All that in a bouquet kinda funky no? Lol!
    As for the wedding dress the star of the show let’s just say….I want a long dress with ali baba sleeves. And ofcourse has to be Purple…deep aubergine colour with antique gold.
    And the food….yumm! My wedding food must be nice, I have been to many weddings & not one wedding I can recall the food being delicious!
    I also love Neeta Lulla’s work. What she has done for Jodha Akbar was just amazingly exquisite.
    I admire her work a lot. I’d love a theme like that….I love Kundaan jewellry too so very old is gold my theme but with a funky quirky side! 🙂

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  13. Atiya says...

    My dream wedding would be a lively atmosphere with all the family invited,and i would have a five tier cake all different flavours, there would be a proffesional henna artist ,a chocolate fountain,and a white chocolate fountain,i would wear a red lehnga,and i would have a mehndi.walima,and engagement and the main day. I would have traditional wedding food,and the chairs would be decorated in pink bows. I would have my hair in a high bun and my make up would be foundation to make my skin glow,and blusher,emerald eyeshadow,and blusher and lipstick. The close family would arrive in a limousine.And leave in that as well. I would also have a buffet. To top it off i would love an after party =D

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  14. Fahmine Hussain says...

    Simply traditional, as it shows value and is elegant at the same time. Never gets old nor out of fashion.

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  15. nadia says...

    My dream wedding would be small and intimate, but having such a big family maybe a big and intimate wedding if that’s possible? I would love to get my family all flown out to bangladesh and have my wedding there, being bengali I want to experience the bengali wedding culture from the food to the dancers. I always wanted a beach wedding, so thinking cox bazaar! Outfit wise, anything with a blast of colour, put a twist to the traditional red with other vibrant colours! I love the whole necklaces being incorporated into a hair up do would just love that, I would want to keep jewellery traditional long necklace pieces and lots of bangles! Hopefully this day will happen to me one day, because just know everyone will filled with happiness and never will forget it! Brilliant competition, good luck to everyone!

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  16. Reemz says...

    My dream wedding – shouldn’t be difficult after all this is something I should have thought about since I was playing with dolls. Maybe I would have even have a scrap book, but no. I guess I’d have to draw inspiration on what’s around me. So my dream wedding would be a combo of the English rose and my traditional Gujarati roots. The wedding canopy would be all white veils and blood red roses threaded in dangling rows. My outfit would be a white fishtail type of lengha but with lace off the shoulder straps and a sweet heart neckline. The back of the skirt would be ruched with gathers of lace to create a train and there would be silver thread and red and silver crystal embroidery. I’d have red and silver bangles and matching jewellery from what I would call the Mr Darcy collection – East meets West. The chunni would be red with white and my makeup would also echo these colours. My hair would be half up with a side parting and rest loose and curled. My partner… he would wear a white suit with a red tie and white shoes and would come on a white horse to our wedding venue which would be a country estate or castle with beuatiful gardens or even a maze. I would be in a carriage. The steps I take to the mundap I’d have have red and white rose petals showered over me. The guests would be given tea and scones as snacks or jalebi and gathiya. We would dance bollywood style and in the evening for the reception I’d slip into my peacock blue sari with the same blue and gold jewellery from the Morni collection.

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  17. Marvy says...

    My dream wedding may well come into being quite soon. I want a small yet exquisite and classy wedding. Attention to detail is extremely important even down to the delicate design on the wedding invitations or wedding favours. I would want each and every single one of my guests to feel like a VIP. I see myself wearing a contemporary bridal outfit but reflecting a hint of tradition as I walk in with my mother and father by my side.

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  18. Marvy says...

    I would like a small yet exquisite and classy wedding. Attention to detail is extremely important even down to the delicate design on the wedding invitations or wedding favours; I would want each and every single one of my guests to feel like a VIP. I see myself wearing a contemporary bridal outfit but reflecting a hint of tradition as I walk in with my mother and father by my side.

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  19. amsa says...

    Platinum Wedding!! Everything “Bee-Dazzled” in diamantes and platinum. Gorgeous white roses with diamond centers. Sheer chiffon and silk cascading fabric hung from crystal chandeliers. Diamonds strewn everywhere. Simple arrangements of one color roses bunched together with a wide ribbon around the clear vase with an elegant brooch
    attached to it. Rajistani style lengha with all Kundan jewelery from head to toe. Bangles in organza gift bags for all the women guests and white chocolate truffles in small platinum boxes. Three tiered white-chocolate cake with mehndhi inspired design all over. Million dollar wedding on a budget!!!

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  20. Nishat says...

    My dream wedding…well that’s a tough one but from years of dream I’ll start off with the mehendi. I want my mehendi to be held in a marquee out in the open on a grassy field surrounded by different colours of roses. merigolds and daisys. The marquee inside should be decorated with brightly colored shimmery fabrics layering and looping the inside walls. Small diamond shaped crystals will be hanging from above the ceiling twinkling along side the fairy lights lit from corner to corner on each frame. I wouldn’t have a cake instead large pink cookies layered on top of each, each one with a cute message by my brides maids. Relatives and friends would be seated on white silk cushions on the the floor with a cream blankets underneath. My clothes would be a very simple emerald green sari with gold and red work on the border, chic and elegant ;), while all the guests would wear red colored clothing. On the wedding day I opt for a white and red border lengha and the men on the bridal party would wear a white rose in their suit pockets. My shoes would be silver diamante stilettos to match my white gold and diamond jewelry. The venue would be an old castle in Wales, set out with tables colored with white and blue material. The center piece would be a candle lantern, with blue henna patterns on the side. 😀 At the end of the day instead of a guest book everyone would sign the plain white tiers cake in dark chocolate. Yum 😀

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  21. ruma begum says...

    my dream wedding would be a traditional, grand, royal style wedding, with loads of colour, food and madness!!

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  22. Ayesha Yousafi says...

    My dream wedding would be a ‘Royal’ the,ed wedding, not like the Monarchy, but because I LOVE the colour Royal Blue, and would love a traditional redress lengha with some royal blue encorparated into it. The decor theme would be white and blue, with simple centrepiece of white/blue Lilies on each table (I don’t care if theyre associated with funerals!) favours would be mini cupcakes, red icing with blue mehndi designs on them. I don’t really mind the outside of a venue, I would love something grand, but it’s the staging and decoration inside that I care about more 🙂
    I would love to have live singers at the wedding, as some entertainment. My uncles play the tabla and sing, so they could have a little moment in the spotlight! I’m not sure about the cake yet, but it would probably be a good old simple vanilla and jam filling 🙂

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  23. Sanj says...

    I hope I win getting married next year, my fiancé loves all this jewellery

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  24. Sarah says...

    For us bride to be’s we pretty much strive to our very best to create our dream wedding. Although we will always want more and unless we gifted by a huge budget there are parts of the dream we sacrifice. So I will start by saying my dream wedding (within our means) will come round in 4 weeks time.

    A multi culture wedding (chinese and pakistani) with three days celebrating each culture. We are british born and therefore having a civil ceremony on day 1 with a white wedding dress at a nation park venue in the most beauitful gardens. A vintage/ grecian look with lush dome centre pieces. With a string quartet to play through the ceremony and reception. Followed by an evening of fun and dancing (burgers and chips for the evening buffet).

    Day 2 will be a Walima with an ivory and teal theme. My lengha is AMAZING, teal with masses of emboridery and tonns of gold! I may not be able to walk for the heavieness (I am only 5FT)!! Dohlis will walk us in and set the scene for some more fun but traditional activities.

    Day 3 will be a 12 course chinese banquet filled with lots of traditional ‘door games’. This is where the groom picks up the bride and has to get past the bridesmaids but not before he undertakes some evil games of eating sweet, bitter, hot and sour foods. Wasbi up the nose springs to mind. Again more gold on this day.

    So whilst it’s not my full on dream wedding (consisting of an outdoors beachy wedding on a private island somewhere) I’d say it comes as near damn close.


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  25. Mina begum says...

    My dream wedding would be small and simplicit with traditional red and gold. A small wedding for families and friends with a beautiful white three layered cake with red roses. Clothes made of a romantic sexy red with the work of stones and gold work. With complimenting jewllery from Bees (my dream since I found the shop-age 11). This jewllery would be heavily rounded my neck with shine and sparkle with a antique look. With that a nose ring (which I have bought several from bees) and a head piece with gorgeous bangle sets for each arm. The colours of red and gold to match the jewllery and clothes as well as the boquet. This would be a beautiful red bouquet of roses-I would like to keep this simple. My husband would be matching with a bees broach on his head price and Asian clothing.

    My brides maids will be wearing the colours of ivory and red with gold rim antique stones bees jewllery, this being the earrings, necklace, head piece, bangles and hair pieces such as clips and crowns (for the younger girls).

    My mother would be dazzled with bees jewllery and a broche to pin to her saree and so would my sister in law.

    This is my perfect wedding 🙂

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  26. Fiaza says...

    My dream wedding would be a traditional punjabi mehndi, followed by an english summer themed wedding with a outdoor marque, vintage lace, summer cocktails and after a traditional nuptial ceremony a relaxed dinner and dance where everyone just chills out x

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  27. Afshaan says...

    My dream wedding style can be summarised in three words ‘vintage, ethnic and multicultural’. I love all things vintage whether they be Asian or Western and I intend to have a fusion to compliment my heritage and that of my fiancé. So think white, Ellie Saab style flowing gown, covered in delicate gold and pearl embroidery, long gathered sleeves and a high but heavily embroidered neckline. Then a lace embroidered Spanish mantilla style veil. For jewellery a gorgeous antique Pakistani necklace on a midnight blue velvet collar with hand engraved pieces of gold and pomegranate red/pink stones. The missing pieces of jewellery I hear you ask…a delicate head piece of light gold and pearls, along with a panjas and bangles/cuffs for each hand. These are the missing pieces, is it too much to ask for?! A traditional Persian ceremony, with Asian food and traditions in the mix and English customs. Cream bird cages, colourful flowers, pomegranates and blueberries, Persian prints on the menus and the gentle sounds of traditional Asian instruments…

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  28. Suzu Tran says...

    My idea of a dream wedding is a festive mix of my traditional Chinese roots mixed with my love of Indian culture. The whole theme would be a combination of the Chinese opium den with hookahs, lounging beds, tons of live Indian and Chinese music with dancing, and the traditional 9 course chinese banquet dinner. Hindi singing and a indian live band is important to me, since my dancing background comes from doing Indian style gypsy dancing, and I am forever a lover of Classical Indian dancing. I would love some Mughal styled jewelry worn over traditional Chinese clothes.

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  29. mel says...


    that’s all x

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  30. Surinder says...

    I had my dream wedding 3 weks ago – style was simple but vibrant – I love the idea of having bold colours and sleek styling. If i was to have an unlimited budget, I’d do it again, with the simplicity, romance and colour but somewhere more exotic than London! Am thinking beautiful sandy beaches…

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  31. sehrish says...

    my dream wedding is royal type of wedding where punjabi influence will be still there.
    Punjabi touch Mehndi
    Royal touch Barat
    English touch Valima in white or pink gown <3 .

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  32. Sama says...

    Clothes: Would be an elegant hot pink sari which has gold embossed embrodiry. the blouse wold be a compliment of both colours.
    Hair: Would be tied back in a beehive look, with meduim size hot pink flowers on the side.
    Decor, colour scheme: I would use colours like dusky pink, white, and gold. Every detail will stand out with elegance, look fresh, clean and effortless.
    The smell of pink and flowers will take over and really make the guests feel indoors yet outdoor in a garden.
    Venue: Will have White and gold draped material. Pink and white flowers will be placed in their poistions across the room and big gold chandeliers will illuminate the features and decor of the entire wedding.
    Lighting: will be bright and sophisticated a big chandeliers in the middle and smaller ones in and around the room reflecting on guests and details
    Music: will be light and sattle, not drowning guests speech and chatter.
    Jewllery: Will be a combination of predominntly elegant gold with a hint of hot pink and white necklace, bangles and earings.
    Bouquet: will be a smal round hot pink roses in a bouquet

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  33. Pearl says...

    My dream wedding would have a colour theme of golden mixed with a bit of pink touch to it , same with the jewellery, i would want to have golden jewellery with a touch of pink.The jewellery should be elegant but not simple.

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  34. Fatima says...

    My dream wedding would be to have my wedding on a boat while crusing down river Thames seeing the sites In The evening. The indoor of the boat to be spectacular with dinner dance and live entertainment. When I enter the room the walk way should b a carpet with led lights flowers every were me in our traditional red wedding outfit with a trail camera and photos to be taken orthentic jewellery with the traditional look. At the same having fireworks to make the evening special

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  35. LIMA BEGUM says...

    As i am from an asian background, my dream wedding would be an extraordinary theme that i think would look fabulous on my wedding day , a italian and posh asian theme.Now your probly thinking italian and posh???
    1.firstly i will describe the mendhi scheme colour and music and atmosphere. mendhi traditional colour is always the green n yellows, but on my mendhi day i would prefer simplicty clothing such as fanarkali dress which is plain and a net cloak with the dress which has embrodiary on every bride maids which is a kushi kumari gupta style from is pyar ko kya naam doon and for the guest a purple and yellow colour scheme . the music will be chamak challo which was a big hit, bole churiya which is a very famous song for a wedding or mendhi, aja nachle , dance pe chance, om shanti om at the end where everyone can dance to , to finish of the mendhi night , the mendhi will be based in a small not to big or smal and purple and yellow material based decor with crystal lighting on the stage.
    2. secondly for the wedding i would like a 40 seat limo ,a masiv hall that has italian embrodiary and style , italian furniture, italian background and walls and a beautiful cieling that is carved into shapes or roses and italian designs. there should be roses as the flowers with dimonties on it on top of italian carved pillers at the side of stage at each end with romantic velvet cream and gold furniture and the decor should be drapings from piller to piller and crytal sequenced drapes coming down from the cream golden drapes , the stage should be a round shape. seats should be cream and gold and romatic red. the tables should have pearls and crystals with fountain of water in the middle. my weding dres would be a cream and gold italian posh western dress with a long fine silk cloak that treds along the floor in red and gold with jewerly falling from the head to the back like a dupatta not to heavy but crsytal and dimontic piece and beautifal dimontic and pearl bangles and ring. the song should be a touch of violin playing along with the song from ready humko pyar hua a nice entrance song whilest entering the hall and flowers being frown. and colour sheme is red and cream.
    in conclusion a walima should be done with the wedding but if it is done seperetly the colour scheme will be royal blue and silver and cream.

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  36. Ayesha says...

    I would love to have a simple but elegant wedding. With the groom on the horse free from too many decorations. Dhol beats to my ears and the crowd enjoying themselves. With a lightly stoned but beautifully designed mehndi design lengha courteous of Ash Kumar in a fresh peach and baby blue combination. A hall built for a Queen in Rajisthan and cermony no less than a bollywood movie, departing in a palkis up to the one and only Rolls Royce in the arms of the man of your dreams…

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  37. Sanna says...

    My dream wedding would be simple but elegant. The wedding day dress would be in a gown style, but with a hint of asian – something along the lines with a creamish/golden background and red embroidery. There would have to be a sash like tie around the waist,the colour of which would match the shoes, not too high and uncomfortable, but something with a slight heel and sparkles.
    The jewellery would have to make a statement, again going along with the same colour theme. Dangly delicate earring with a matching set. Something that can be worn not only on the wedding day but again and again. A tiara would have to me a must, since it looks so feminine and makes one feel and look like a princess; which would be held with the dupetta.
    I’m not a big fan of makeup, but a natural look would suit best. Rosy cheeks, highlighted eyes, a touch of gloss, why spoil ones natural beauty with all the fakery.
    I’d love to get married in a castle or stately manor, where everyone would for the day feel like royalty. The room would have to be decorated with flowers on each table and candles dotted around the room. The lighting wouldn’t be so bright, but dim and romantic. Maybe there would also be a point where a projection would be shown of how both me and my husband grew up and eventually to how we met, with pictures and words from family and friends.
    I find it’s important to get everyone involved on teh wedding day. Yes, it is the bride and groom’s special day that should be their’s only, but then if your guests don’t enjoy it then what’s the point. You’ll only get the attention and love you want when everyone else is there enjoying every moment with you.
    My sisters would obviously be the bridesmaids and would were cream bridesmaid dresses and have flowers in their hair. As i’m being brought into teh room by my brother, who’d be wearing the same colour tie as that of my sisters dresses, i’d have them walk in front of us and through red petals onto the ground from baskets that they would hold.

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  38. Aysha says...

    When I was a little girl my mother use to go to BEES to select matching jewellery for her outfits and mine, I use to be ecstatic about our visits, the richness of many beautiful colours & jewellery to look at and of course I knew a good purchase was involved. Since then I have known that I will wear BEES and only BEES at my wedding. I adore their jewellery & have a huge collection of their products, pictures and words on the internet do not do justice to their jewellery so if you haven’t been I suggest u do so and I can guarantee you will not walk out without having the urge to buy if not many but one thing at least. Just talking about the store has got me excited LOL …..Moving onto my dream wedding, it would be a series of loud, mad and family orientated events, vibrant & colourfully decorated events similar to the effect that the BEES store has on one’s eyes. My theme would be a traditional Royal Bengal theme/Devdas; on the wedding day I would wear a simple, emerald coloured Bengali styled sari. The jewellery (from BEES of course) would be the main focus of my outfit, I would wear jewellery including a head piece, armband and especially the anarkali anklet all from the Mughal princess collection as I love every single piece from there. I would love to win this competition but good luck to you all 🙂

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  39. Sazeda says...

    My mehendi inshaAllah will be quite traditional yet unique. I will have a multicoloured stage with sparkling small mirrors running down the coloured drape. Instead of a typical green/yellow sari will be a plain royal/cobalt blue net sari with a just the yellow being the border and my blouse will be either yellow or dark the colours combine well. My jewellery will be of gold and red/yellow kundans and will also be those traditional real flower garlands with matching wrist head pieces. My make up will be simple yet heavy with the eye makeup since my eyes are tiny!

    My wedding will be traditional with a slight englishness to it. I will wear a red lehenga fully embroided with gold/ bronze designs and full of stonework. my head scarf will be matching to the lehengha but net material. My hair will long platted hair thats twisted in a big bun so my dupatta can sit nicely. my makeup will again be heavy wth the eyes with broze eyeshadow complimenting my dress and face! I will have a middle parting on my head so my kundan tikka headpiece can sit nicely with matching earrings and necklace. I will love the location to be at a private site such as a historical building far in the countryside with a big royal banquetting hall and will be surrounded by gold and ivory drapes and decor and centre stage to compliment my red traditional dress! There will be red center pieces and red bouquets around the hall to encourage the red theme! The building will be surrounded by greenery and a large lake, and I will come in a doli or a carriage and leave in a rolls royce 🙂 The cake will be a traditional round 3 tier icing cake with large edable red flowers to again match the colour theme yet look elegent!

    Overall a traditional wedding in a royal setting 😉

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  40. Manmeet says...

    Done:) crossing my fingers! Getting married in feb 2013, the sett will look amazing on
    my mendhi<3

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  41. Ambreen Hussain says...

    Done <3

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  42. sahira says...

    I have already had my dream wedding so I can experiment, so I think I would go for teri meri kahani as a theme. Three functions with three different eras as the theme. MendI 1910 style clothes and decor with hum se pyaar karle tu as a dance by the girls and boys and more olden style songs. Tables with old style lamps and dias . Wedding day 1960s style clothes and decor like a glamorous film studio and I am a filmstar bride. Finally the walima is modern current day young and hip venue, setting and find etc.

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  43. Halima says...

    I love the range of jewellery there is.. it’s so beautiful, elegant and eye catching. I would definatley recommend this to family and friends 🙂 <3

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  44. Anna says...

    My dream wedding is end of this year, I don’t believe in limiting it to a certain theme so each day of the wedding I will have so distinct so I never look back wishing I had got to do it differently. My mayon will be very traditional as it will be done with my nikah. With me coming in a doli etc. My henna night will be Mughal style exactly like in jodha Akbar setting a royal theme, centre pieces involving water pans with water lillies and candles. My dress in gold and green with the Mughal style jewellery to match
    my Barat will be very modern style with red and grey dress with silver swrovski work done on it (very bling!!!) (also no gold work on dress yayyyyyy keeping it western style with a train) Deoration on the main day will be very simple all white tables n chairs white flowers etc…. The centre of attention will b me and the groom nothing else in that venue can divert the attention. hopefully all will go as planned

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  45. Nisha C says...

    I dont think i have a perfect wedding ceremony or place in mind nd I don’t think I’d be able to even when the time comes because I think it will be as it happens. But, i do have in mind a place that would be lovely, Theres a hotel called hotel Rampratap in Udaipur that my family and I went to and it was the beat family holiday or holiday in general that I’ve been on. A ceremony there would be amazing. The rooftop would be amazing and the courtyard restaurant could be used for all evening activities.. I’m Gujerati so I am definitely having a traditional Gujerati sari and colours for the wedding day. I would love the inclusion of animals such as an elephant or horse for the groom to come in on. With jewellery in mind I feel the groom should stick to a nice bravely and watch combinations and the bride should have the focus. Pieces should have accent colours from the outfits picked up and Bees take on traditional jewellery with this current collection does that beautifully. Something for each day of the ceremonies seems to be catered for exceptionally well. Overall outfits will be heavy detailed And traditional, the decoration Should be memorable but serve as a backdrop! Moreover, as long as everyone has a great time with lots of activities that’s the main thing!

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  46. Mina begun says...

    I like the idea of simplicity joined up with elegance thats where bees kewellery comes in. The idea of too much bling bling and too many colours makes things look abit tacky.

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  47. Tabasum says...

    I absolutly love Bees!
    I look forward to sering some pakeeza style jewellery which I know only Bees can pull off!

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  48. Beena Chowdhury says...

    Before going into my dream wedding I’d like to say Bee’s are amazing…
    My wedding was a dream wedding and I would love to go through the whole process again.. my dad and mum did everything they could to make it the best wedding ever where everyone lovedit and would not stop talking about it. I had an English wedding with a big white princess dress on, this dress was not ordinary I got to design the dress myself making it more special. My whole family all dressed in a dreamy pink. My bridesmaodsed led the way and then after the My dad and uncle walked me in.

    People were in awe to see me look so different. My husband wasnot allowed to see me and when he did he said you look beautiful so softly in my ear.

    As the ceremony finished he carried me down the staircas
    The next day was the full Indian wedding.
    I was again all made up like a Indian princess where I got to design my dress again. Itwas a lovely royal pink AD maroon. The hotel where it was held looked very traditional in approach and was very bollywood. Inside the hall were cales lit everywhere and I was literally given a thrown like chair to sit on . The colour theme was all gold so everything was gold and I had massive crystal chandeliers above On the ceiling.. as I entered my husband was covered with a shawl so.he.could not see me.. I entered with my cousins playing the flute and harmonium in the tune of my favourite song. People stood up to greet me.
    The whole day went like a dream.

    After the wedding a very close person told me that the main thing that made this one of weddings they’ve seen is because they have neverseen any one so loved my everyone before. Thi made me feel like more like a princess as I was the favourite of all my family and extended family as I was the very first child in all of my dads and mums brothers, sisters and cousins.

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  49. dhara says...

    Beautiful collections amazing ideas ♥

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  50. Jamilah says...

    My ideal wedding would be a small occasion where it’s just family and friends
    All the all colour coordinated
    Mums all the same
    Aunts all same
    Sisters all same.
    And I would wear a one piece dress/Lenga that I would design
    Venue would be in a castle surrounded by a mote
    A big entrence
    Lots of space.
    Elegant and a tight group of family and friends.

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  51. Jas Gill says...

    I am traditional through and through, red lengha with head covered beautiful jewellery, full shingar patti and long thick plat to complement.

    My ideal day would be sunny but with a little chill, colourful and bright, diamond studded and glamorous, and full of laughter and fun.

    Hope every girl here gets their dream wedding, i know i did…remember it like yesterday and would do it all again in a heart beat!

    Thanks – hoping i win, i love Bees! xJx

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  52. safina says...

    for me i just want to keep my wedding modest but beautiful, with all my family and close friends by my side. i wouldnt want a mehndi to be big because tbh i carnt afford it, so i would just lyk to keep to tradition and keep my mehndi simple with a nice mehndi in my home In Sha Allah. How ever for my wedding day/nikkah, i would love to have an all vintage asian bride look, its always been a dream of mine, ive never wore make up before in my life just been waiting for my wedding day so tbh no wun will recognise me. Also ino its breaking tradition and it sounds strange, but In Sha Allah my future husband to be really reallly wants to wear yellow on his wedding day, because of reasons that are close to his hear so i would definetly incorporate this within my dress and as much as i am the bride he is still the groom it is still his day as much as it is mine 🙂 … . I would love to have a nice decent sized wedding venue, along with a buffet dinner, buh desert as selection!! On my valima i would love to wear white and silver, with a bit of baby blue(my fav colour) and have my husband in a maching suit along with his mother and mine, it would be amazing. I carnt lie i would love a huge wedding with elephants and entertainment etc… but hay i want to keep it to mine and my fiancées hearts goall <3 xx

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  53. Dee says...

    Simply, classy, elegant and sophisticated! 🙂

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  54. noorjahan says...

    People say weddings are the best day of their lives, so why not make it longer? For my dream wedding, I would have 6 events (engagement, registry, guyaloud, mehendi, wedding and reception) all leading to the wedding itself which would be the SHOWSTOPPER.
    The theme of the day would be sophistication, elegance whist oozing class. I’m thinking regal- umrajan and maharaja style, antique browns and gold, deep reds, emeralds and creams. Lengha/ Saree- cream with red/ burgundy and gold, emerald? Regal style attire! Definitely has to have some velvet in it to give it that regal look and the outfit can’t be in one colour. There has to be a sharp contrast within the outfit. Necklace, earrings, ring, bangles, patala, nose ring, hand jumka, feet tikli- the whole lot in the style of the mughul princess at Bees. No diamante, no gold jewellery, just precious stones. Now with the makeup, I’m so against the traditional red and yellow eyeshadow, black eyeliner and red lips. It’s about time it needs updating! I want my makeup to be ‘your face but better’ makeup to enhance my beauty not to mask it so a flawless complexion, contoured face with highlighted cheek bones, slight smokey eyeshadow with a thin eyeliner, mascara and nude lips. All of which subtle in fleshy colours. Hair would be tied back and in a mid-high bun. Sleek.
    Regal invites- scrolls? Huge cake and cupcakes, table favours- personalised sweets/ chocolates or the table favours could be personalised cupcakes and then just have 1 big cake to cut. Only the elitist would be at my wedding to share the happiness and joy. The reason behind this is because being from an Asian background, weddings are huge and huge is an understatement and I feel as though everyone comes to the event whilst having no direct relation to the couple themselves so the brides sister’s husband’s cousin’s kid’s in-laws would come to the event and they are not related to the bride themselves. Therefore, a small wedding is perfect as you share those priceless moments with your nearest and dearest and they are the one who will remember forever. Think quality not quantity.
    Finally the venue. It would be in some grand venue in the style of a mansion as it would keep in with the overall theme.

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  55. Asma Lunat says...

    i love this jewellery. i have seen some which go well with my wedding outfit so fingers crossed …x

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  56. zohaib says...

    A wedding is a event that only happens once, therefore an ideal style would be traditional elegant Indian style with a fusion of our British heritage, which can be anything from draping, stunning decor to venues with stained glass windows.

    I feel a wedding style should reflect ourselves as individuals and should have emphasis on culture; as when guest arrive at the wedding regardless of their ethnic background, they can suddenly feel the transition of the vibrancy in our culture and celebrate whom we are as British Asians.

    A wedding is a event that only happens once, so why not have a dream wedding style that leaves a lasting impression 🙂

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  57. samiha ahmed says...

    my dream wedding would be a theme of breakfast at tiffany’s. Id wear tiffany blue lengha, encrusted with pearls and swvorski crystals, long sleeves (for elegance) made out of silk and lace with a long trail, my eyes will be smokey to compliment the light colour of my outfit but nude pinky lips and rosey cheeks. my jewlery will be diamonds (singar pati, eaarings and necklace). and to top it off, a 2 carat tiffany setting rock on my finger. I would want lubna rafiq to do my hair and make up as she gives a very elegant look. Id want everyone else to wear white to compliment my outfit. I would want the venue to be a big yacht, inside decorated with off white and tiffany blue silk drapes, and my walk way i would want made out of glass with clear blue water beneath so you can see it. My cake would be 5 tiered, tiffany blue squares with white ribbon tied in a bow around each layer, to resemble a tiffany box, and small tiffany inspired cupcakes around the cake. My hands and feet will be decorated with henna and i will have ‘very riche stress’ louboutin heels, I would come in a horse and carriage (made out of glass). there will be a 5 course meal, and the favours would be tiffany boxes and inside will be a tiffany key engraved with the words ‘Thank you for joining us on our special day’.

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  58. Shabena Abbas says...

    If money wasn’t an object I would have an ‘East meets West’ wedding as it represents both of the cultures I’m part of.
    So I would try and keep it simple, elegant, sophisticated with the use of strong bold and vibrant colours but keep the events itself low key to invite my nearest and dearest hence to benchmark quality not quantity of items.
    For the different areas leading up to the wedding and beyond, this is what I would do:
    Engagement: I would get a tailor made silky Greek gown dress in cappuccino with glitzy diamanté effect sleeves by Zoya.
    The venue I’d use would my either at my residence or I would rent out a majestic room for the day in a hotel or away at the countryside near the seaside.
    The food if at home would be freshly ordered via outside caterers for both veg and no veg eaters (halal) with juicy alcohol free drinks (no fizzy drinks) with sweet chocolate fountain, with succulent fresh fruits and crispy salads prepared as an all you can eat buffet at all my main events.
    Along With juicy Asian sweets, full-bodied tea and all required Moorish cakes by Fiona carins, for all my main events too. This cake would be in a shape with 2 rings..
    The rings themselves need to be in silver with ruby gems.
    My hair would be down and wavy
    Hen do: I would have a Miss World style to go in, bold reds, greens, orange, pink, yellow saris, with custom made silky sashes and tiaras.
    Using a limo for the Hen do and Mendhi events.
    I’d have a fabulous night or weekend out at the main cities of the UK with my girls.
    My hair would be done to the side as a ponytail.
    Mendhi: I would have a bold and vibrant Punjabi styled suit made in bold and earthy reds, oranges, with some pink, greens and browns to represent the colours of the different shades of henna of the world.
    I’d hire a room and decorate it with Arabian styled lamps, silky cushions, comfortable seating, and warm flooring. For Punjabi style songs a small dhol drum would be needed.
    The colours used would be bright oranges and pinks for the tables coverings, chairs coverings, balloons and banners.
    The sugary but sweet cake would be in the shape of a hand with plain sponge with chocolate butter icing with henna styled icing designs over it with edible glitter.
    Hair would be half up and half down with some backcombing.
    Registry/Wedding: I would have a long flowing gown in white lace with intricate Indian broidery in a shape which is to flatter my figure.
    The venue would be at a hotel for the registry like the Hotel Village. I would have a marque outside with flowing water falls and fountains with lilies around. I would have an orchestra to entertain the guests.
    The wedding venue would be a breath taking Disney castle with lustrous Italian inspired gardens. I wish to feel like a princess on the special big day.
    The décor would consist of white, pearl, silver, bronze with hints of black balloons. These colours would be shown through table coverings, chairs ad banner.
    Entertainment would be dhol drummers for entrance of the bride and groom and also the DJs PHS, who would take guests requests for the wedding and after party to create a fun filled atmosphere.
    The transport would be a private plane with a red carpet entrance as an adventure.
    Hair would be up and have some princess style plaits created into it and have a tiara in it.
    At the end I would like to free some doves into the sky to represent life as a journey.
    After Party: I would have a red and white tailored sari styled lengha.
    The venue would be at a small private club near the river/sea/canals.
    Decorations here would consist of rose petals as confetti and candles along with red, white and gold for the table and chair coverings, balloons and banners.
    The transport would be a speedboat or yacht.
    It would end with a magical and imaginative firework display and lanterns being sent into the sky by all people who attended to enjoy .
    Hairs to be an up do with backcombing effect.

    Make up colours need to be bold and natural to emphasise natural beauty for all events, via a local MUA.
    The jewellery would need to be plain, simple yet elegant and modern pearls to go with all my outfits as I don’t want to overdo my look (be too colour co-ordinated).
    The invites would consist of images of the bride and groom when they were young children with a black and white frame around it with all dates for all events and a unique barcode.
    Photographer need to be female with access to all events, an ID card would be created for her.
    The images need to be of a natural effect without too much effort but printouts to be greyscale to look glamorous with black wooden frames or made into a book with all photos in order.
    The videographer needs to make the wedding film look like a movie and also have a presenter available to interview people and include instrumental music throughout the film.
    All venues will have jars with flavourful savoury snacks in them, table cards with names and a board for table seating in both English and Urdu languages.
    Also I would like people to donate to a charity of my choice rather than give me gifts or money.
    Guests can also leave messages via messaging booth instead of a book, which creates it more personal and also created a cd at the end.
    I’d have a personalised but easy to use website from the moment the date was set till all the photos and film was done so that guests can see the overall products.
    Shoes and bags would be by Dune and Lingerie by Ann Summers.
    The Flowers chosen would be fragrant and fresh roses, sunflowers, perfumed lavender and daises.
    Also I would create a list of people attending so creating a guest list is important and I would have bouncers at every venue if possible as to bring their invites as ID.
    My ideal honeymoon would be around the world by aeroplane or private plane.

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  59. Saleha Siddiqui says...

    I would love to have simple yet elegant jewellery that would compliment me and my outfit. I have always loved Mughal jewellery, there’s something about it, that gives a statement to your whole look.

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  60. Iram says...

    The designs and wide variety of jewellery and accessories available at Bees is eccletic and stunning.
    Whatever the occasion, Bees is first choice to make a person feel special and look amazing! 🙂

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  61. Rahana says...

    The ideal venue… A white beach- white silk canopy’s… Decorated with dark pink and gold roses…

    Table… White tablecloth, sprinkled with dried pink and gold flowers… Vintage style white plates with a bushell of rose petal design on one side, and matching favour boxes. The centrepiece on each table will be one medium sized round bowl with water and three roses without stems floating inside.

    Music… Smooth indian music… Bit of new bit of classic hindi song tunes

    Outfit: Deep pink lengha, fitted bodice with a ball gown style skirt… (no net please)… With silk/raw silk fabric… Plain blouse with a border that merges with embroidery along the hips of the skirt. Heavy traditional embroidery along the feet of the skirt.
    Embroidery will have a traditional look, bought together with pearls and kundan stones- that sparkle… Paisley designs along the bottom… And one paisley motif, that travels along one side of the lengha from the bottom.. And attaches itself to the emroidery along the hips of the skirt, on the other side… Sleeves of the blouse will be cap sleeve, and pearl beads attached.
    Dupatta: plain see- through fabric… With fat matching border to lengha… And beads at each corner made of pearls.
    Shoes, high stilettos heels… In pale gold..

    Jewellary: kundan and pearl mughal influenced.. elegant.
    Bangles: Well, the BEST OF BEES.. Is only good enough for me!

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  62. elmo says...

    liked the page 🙂 fingers crossed…xxx

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  63. Sachi says...

    I am planning my wedding these days. I am limiting the theme to the royal Punjabi style – it’s a mixture of 2 soul with their families, cultures, food, language and religion.
    Fingers crossed for the contest as well as the wedding 🙂 😉

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  64. Nahida Begum says...

    My dream wedding..
    Woow thats a difficult question!
    Since it’s not only the bride who makes the wedding but the groom..
    Eventhough I still havent found my dream husband i know what i want the most!
    I want a traditional indian wedding with a twist of English with it.. I want all the traditional indian food but because we are in the year 2012 and the society is slowly changing I want to cater for everyones need and bring in the English twist by mixing the indian cultural food with English food
    Also because of my culture and tradition i get to wear 5 outfits on 5 different days.. So I want them all to be elegant and plain and obviously bling it out with jewellery from Bees since they present there jewellery beautifully and because many people have recommended the shop Bees to me.. They say that they have the best service and impressive fine jewellery!
    Lastly, on the day of my wedding I have been absolutely dying to release white doves into the sky with my husband ( whoever that is.. :P) but I know for sure it will be a very special day and the best day of my life..! Oh and Bees, my family members and myself would like to thank you for making my sisters day worth while by offering her the best match of jewellery with her special outfit.. : D we really appreciate it!

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    • Nahida Begum says...

      Oh yh i dont have a facebook.. So I cant like your page but if i did i would.. 😀

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  65. Sammi says...

    I have been looking for this kind of jewellery for a while now for my brothers wedding! Is imply beautiful!

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  66. Sammi says...

    *simply!!! Lol x

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  67. Sal says...

    I love all the jewellery sold at Bees. I have shopped at your store before, and recently. You sell amazing, elegant, stunning jewellery. Beautiful, stone sets, bangles, and stone rings. If you love elegant, quality jewellery, then Bees is the place to shop, for any
    occasion. 😀

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  68. Sandeep sandal says...

    Amazing, creative & inspiring jewellery! Love it! X

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